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Michele DeRose studied horticulture and Landscape Design under J.C. Raulston, Will Hooker and Bryce Lane at NC State. Before starting her own business in 1994, she rounded out her education with internships in nursery management at Hills Of Haw Perennials and in landscaping with Outdoor Craftswomen. She is also on the design staff of Niche Gardens of Chapel Hill.
Roman Basurto, Michele DeRose and Feliciano Basurto
With the addition of Feliciano Basurto and his nephew Roman, DeRose Garden and Landscape has added stonework, drip irrigation, drainage projects and other forms of hardscaping to its repertoire. They continue to work with some of Michele’s original clients, maintaining gardens, adding new gardens and working on new projects, as well as working with new clients.
Michele’s gardening style is inspired by the southeastern woodlands, the US southwest where she lived for many years, and travels in the Mediterranean and Latin America. She gardens at her 1.5 acre home in the Watts Hillandale neighborhood of Durham.